April 28, 2007

God created Adam and Eve on Day 6.

On Day 7 God rested.

So the first experience Adam and Eve had with God was rest.

(Thanks Lisa for telling me about this nugget you gleaned from Wayne Barber–and telling me.)

Here’s what their first experience with God wasn’t:

  • A to-do list
  • A sermon
  • A boring choir practice
  • A quiz on the first 5 days of creation

Can you wrap your mind what that must have been like, resting with God? Wow.

And how ironic that resting with God is what we’re created for…yet it’s elusive for so many of us.

Because Jesus fulfilled the Old Covenant, and we live in the days of the New Covenant, the Sabbath isn’t the day of rest.

Jesus is our rest.

Oh, Jesus, drip this veracity into my soul like a truth I.V.

You are my rest.



April 24, 2007

I pulled both items of the fridge and left the room to get something.

When I came back I realized the sad, sad dichotomy.

Yet it didn’t stop me from swilling the diet Pepsi with Cherry amidst bites of carrot sticks double-dipped in PB.

If I believed in yin and yang this might totally work in my favor.

A-ha #250: God is not like a needy trough

April 20, 2007

On Monday, our team watched a video by John Piper.

It’s Friday and I’m still chewing.

The essence of what Piper said was:

God is like a fountain.

He’s not like a needy trough into which I pour my water buckets of service attempts.

Whew. I need that truth today. This week has me spinning like a top with the Virginia Tech news and helping keep the Campus Crusade staff family abreast of the news.

Emotionally, task-wise and physically I’ve been running. (The 5K last night was a literal picture of that.)

It’s so easy for me sprint ahead in work.

If I was in a plane, the situation would be so clear. Little Angie–if I could even see her on the ground–with her little bucket of service, running to the trough. Um, no, I don’t think Angie’s little bucket will add much to the big picture.

It’s not about me.


I needed to be reminded that He doesn’t need my bucket. Or my water. I’m so glad! That is intoxicatingly freeing when I stop running and realize.

He’s not the trough. He’s my fountain.

Here’s my cup, Lord. With the bottom popped out. And I’m sticking it in the downpour of water.

molly’s story on CBS and ABC

April 19, 2007

Molly taped 2 interviews Wednesday–one with CBS and one with ABC. Each one took almost 2 hours. The interviews were emotionally exhausting for Molly and anyone involved.

Molly is a freshman that is involved in the ministry of Campus Crusade at Virginia Tech. She lived next door to the first victim of Monday’s shootings.

Watch Molly’s Story

  • You can now watch ABC’s interview with Molly. It mentions her involvement with a Christian Bible-study group.
  • You can also watch the CBS interview with Molly Donohue on their Web site. It’s a short, 1 ½ minute package that aired Wednesday night on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. The CBS coverage was changed from what they’d originially planned by the breaking news of the DVD the gunmen sent to NBC.

4 campus crusade students gone

April 18, 2007

Among the shooter’s fatal victims were 4 students involved with Campus Crusade at Virginia Tech.

It makes me think back to my life in Boulder, Colorado as a new staff member with Campus Crusade. A young 22-year-old who was off to change the world at CU, God blessed me with some great young college women to work with: Christine, Nadia, Janessa, Joy, Jennifer, and many others.

It could have happened at CU. (Actually the Columbine shootings happened during those days.) It could have been Christine. Or Nadia. Or the others.

How my life and the Campus Crusade movement…and campus life would have been different without them.

And I think of Virginia Tech and my staff friend there, Sarah. The ache to lose young friends.

The Campus Crusade group is having a closed-to-the-press prayer time tonight. Tomorrow is a day many in the Campus Crusade family are praying for Virginia Tech.

Want to join us?

The staff team at Virginia Tech have asked us to specifically pray for the following things:

  1. The families of the students who were killed.
  2. The students who were injured and still in the hospital.
  3. 4 students who were involved with Campus Crusade were killed. Please pray for their families and friends.
  4. Survivors of the shootings who witnessed the horrors of that day. Pray for God’s grace and comfort.
  5. Pray for wisdom for the Campus Crusade staff member and other campus ministers and pastors as they seek to counsel and love the hurting students

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virginia tech tragedy

April 17, 2007

It is unbelievable what took place at Virginia Tech yesterday.

Last night I called one of my staff friends, Sarah, who is on the Campus Crusade team there, working with college students. I was preparing myself for her voicemail–knowing a little about the volume of calls they’ve been receiving from the media and others–when she answered.

I told her how sorry I was to hear of the great loss of life on the campus. I asked her if someone on their team might be willing to write up a short paragraph or two about how the staff team and students are doing that I could publish on the Staff Web, knowing that the rest of our Campus Crusade family would be concerned; wondering if they are OK. She said she’d talk to the team and get back to me.

This hit my inbox at 11:30 p.m. last night:

“By now, if you have watched any sort of national or, for that matter, international news, you have heard of the devastation on our campus of Virginia Tech Monday.

All of our staff members are OK. We were together for our Monday morning staff meeting when the shootings happened.

The latest is that a shooter killed 33 with 27 being wounded and some not even out of surgery yet.

We had a prayer meeting Monday night for our students and the students of some other organizations. Most students are shocked and numb at this point, not sure what to think and feel. I feel the same way.

We know of at least 2 of our students who are not accounted for at this point, as well as 1 who was killed who had come to our meetings.

All of this information is coming through the network of students, as no names have been officially released yet (until after the families are notified–most likely Tuesday). I think that is the hardest part–the waiting–not really knowing who has been touched by this tragedy.

Our staff team is spending the day in the Cru office Tuesday–making ourselves available to pray with and/or counsel students.

We will take a break to attend the university-wide convocation at 2 p.m. where the Virginia governor is slated to speak.

We are gathering at noon on Wednesday to pray with other Christian groups on the drillfield–a very central place on campus.

Please pray that amidst it all that the Lord would be glorified, families would be comforted and students would grieve appropriately. I have a feeling no one is going to know how to move on from here.”

By Dave Broadwell, on behalf of the Virginia Tech staff team in Blacksburg

Since then I learned that we are unable to confirm the loss of 4 of the students involved with Campus Crusade but it does appear that they were among the casualties.

It’s just so sad.

Driving to work I was thinking about how those students and faculty got up yesterday morning with the underlying assumption that their life would stretch through seasons of marriage, kids, grandkids, retirement…

Yesterday’s events remind me of the brevity of life and the urgency to tell people about Jesus. Now.

Here’s a great article to forward to a friend who might not know Jesus yet, who might be asking questions about faith now: Where’s God in the Midst of Tragedy?

a sweaty weekend

April 15, 2007

Nothing like working out with 1,250 friends to make a weekend memorable!