feelin’ it

February 27, 2006

It was the kind of Monday that makes you want to…well…I couldn’t figure out what. And, not surprising, too much sugar in the form of food items with no visible expiration date didn’t help. I debated not going to Jazzercise tonight. (This is exactly why I teach; I have to go. Tonight I didn’t have to teach.)

I felt gross. I felt tired from a long day. I felt like being a biblical sloth.

I must say I love my feelings. I’m a big fan. But my present-minded feelings seem often like a gigantic Yubba-Bubba bubble, eclipsing the sun of truth.

I decided to be a grown up and go, knowing I’d be glad I did. And, like other times, I was. Chocolate side cramp and all.

And it hit me that this is what life living by faith feels like. It chooses based on fact, not feeling. Just like God wants me to live by faith in every other area of life, He wants me to look to Him (and not myself) for strength.

It’s a lovely day when my feelings are in sync with truth. But on the days they aren’t…I’ll workout by faith.



February 23, 2006

“To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully around with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket—safe, dark, motionless, airless—it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable.”
–C.S. Lewis

my racin’ team

February 23, 2006

Our Global Media & Communications team took a pit stop today on the way to lunch to celebrate Matt’s birthday. Our non-cardboard team, left to right: Matt, me, Judy, Gabe, Jason.

greeting the morning

February 23, 2006
I walked out of the house and was taken aback by this display of God’s beauty and creativity! Sadly, I tend to kill all plants…so I enjoy them (usually at a distance to ensure they stay alive) as my green-thumbed roommates water and nurture them.

My grandma would be appalled that I’d have to ask, but…do you know what kind of plant this is?

for word lovers

February 22, 2006

ne·ol·o·gism= A new word, expression, or usage.

Once again, The Washington Post has published the winning submissions to its yearly contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings for common words.

The winners are:

  • Coffee (n.), the person upon whom one coughs.
  • Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled over how much weight you have gained.
  • Abdicate (v), to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.
  • Lymph (v.), to walk with a lisp.
  • Balderdash (n.), a rapidly receding hairline.
  • Frisbeetarianism (n.), (back by popular demand): The belief that, when you die, your Soul flies up onto the roof and gets stuck there.

February newsletter: My King

February 15, 2006

God has been pulling out all the stops lately to remind me that He’s God and I’m not. I get so wrapped up in my world and my life and my plans that I need to step back and, like the hymn says, “look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.”

I was recently reminded of a powerful Powerpoint presentation we saw during the Campus Crusade staff training this summer in Colorado. I searched the Internet for the words and found them and wanted to share them with you. An incredible thing about Dr. Lockridge’s words below, from what I understand, is that they were spoken in a sermon without notes. In the African-American church, this kind of preaching is deemed, “calling the role,” that is, making a list of who God is. Reading this, it’s obvious that Dr. Lockridge knew Him well.

It challenges me to know my King more.
“My King was born King….He’s the King of the ages. He’s the King of Heaven. He’s the King of glory. He’s the King of kings and He is the Lord of lords. Now that’s my King. Well I wonder if you know Him. Do you know Him?…

He’s enduringly strong. He’s entirely sincere. He’s eternally steadfast. He’s immortally graceful. He’s imperially powerful. He’s impartially merciful. That’s my King. He’s God’s Son. He’s the sinner’s Savior. He’s the centerpiece of civilization. He stands alone in Himself. He’s honest. He’s unique. He’s unparalleled. He’s unprecedented. He’s supreme. He’s pre-eminent. Well, He’s the grandest idea in literature. He’s the highest personality in philosophy. He’s the supreme problem in high criticism. He’s the fundamental doctrine of proved theology. He’s the carnal necessity of spiritual religion. That’s my King. He’s the miracle of the age. He’s the superlative of everything good that you choose to call Him.

He’s the only one able to supply all of our needs simultaneously. He supplies strength for the weak. He’s available for the tempted and the tried. He sympathizes and He saves. He’s strong God and He guides. He heals the sick. He cleanses the lepers. He forgives sinners. He discharges debtors. He delivers the captives. He defends the feeble. He blesses the young. He serves the unfortunate. He regards the aged. He rewards the diligent and He beautifies the meek. Do you know Him?

Well, my King is a King of knowledge. He’s the wellspring of wisdom. He’s the doorway of deliverance. He’s the pathway of peace. He’s the roadway of righteousness. He’s the highway of holiness. He’s the gateway of glory. He’s the master of the mighty. He’s the captain of the conquerors. He’s the head of the heroes. He’s the leader of the legislatures. He’s the overseer of the over comers. He’s the governor of governors. He’s the prince of princes. He’s the King of kings and He’s the Lord of lords. That’s my King.

His office is manifold. His promise is sure. His light is matchless. His goodness is limitless. His mercy is everlasting. His love never changes. His Word is enough. His grace is sufficient. His reign is righteous. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Well, I wish I could describe Him to you, but He’s indescribable. He’s indescribable. Yes. He’s incomprehensible. He’s invincible. He’s irresistible.

I’m coming to tell you, the heavens of heavens cannot contain Him, let alone a man explaining Him. You can’t get Him out of your mind. You can’t get Him off of your hands. You can’t outlive Him and you can’t live without Him. Well, Pharisees couldn’t stand Him, but they found out they couldn’t stop Him. Pilot couldn’t find any fault in Him. The witnesses couldn’t get their testimonies to agree. Herod couldn’t kill Him. Death couldn’t handle Him and the grave couldn’t hold Him. That’s my King.

He always has been and He always will be. I’m talking about He had no predecessor and He’ll have no successor. There’s nobody before Him and there’ll be nobody after Him. You can’t impeach Him and He’s not going to resign. That’s my King! That’s my King!

Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory. Well, all the power belongs to my King. We’re around here talking about black power and white power and green power, but it’s God’s power. Thine is the power. Yeah. And the glory. We try to get prestige and honor and glory for ourselves, but the glory is all His.

Thine is the Kingdom and the power and glory, forever and ever. And ever. And ever. How long is that? And ever. And ever. And ever. And ever.

And when you get through with all of the evers…then Amen.”

–Edited from Dr. S. M. Lockridge sermon, “My King” http://www.ignitermedia.com/thatsmykingdvd.asp offers a DVD of “My King” set to music.

Prayer requests and praise

February 15, 2006

Prayer Requests:

  1. For me to remember who God is (and stand in awe) and who I am (and be thankful) and tell others.
  2. For me to not rely on my own strength to work—it’s so easy to slip in that! Instead, I want to walk by faith in all I do.
  3. For our Wed. night Purpose-Driven Life Bible study with neighbors (7 weeks beginning tonight!)


Got the big OK from Campus Crusade people at headquarters and from Jazzercise to begin teaching classes for staff women (for FREE!) after work 2 days a week, beginning March 6th! I called Elizabeth, our district manager today. I thought it’d be a huge deal to ask her if it was even an option to offer free classes because Jazzercise (corporate) makes their money by receiving 20% from instructors’ sales. I was almost speechless (almost 🙂 when she replied, “You’re a franchise owner and you can do whatever you want. You can offer free classes.” It’s so clear to me that God continues to open doors and I keep walking through them.