October 31, 2007

On Monday, in our office devotional time together, we talked about humility. Diane, my coworker who led us, told us this quote and I couldn’t write it down fast enough.

“Humility is deciding to let God be God.” — Martin Luther


a life-changing question: will you marry me?

October 29, 2007

On Friday I became engaged to Scott Bentley. Woo hoo! It’s 3 days later and I still feel like I’m on cloud 9.

My friend Kourtney called and left a message that the word on the street is that “Angie Bring got some bling.” I laughed out loud.


Scott found a great deal on a ticket and flew me up to Kansas City for a 3-day weekend to visit. I arrived Friday morning and then we drove to Crown Center for lunch, followed by a drive down to the Plaza south of downtown.

It was overcast and cold, but this Orlando woman was just so thankful to see fall.

I spotted 4 gorgeous, just-turned-orange trees next to a creek running next to the Plaza — I asked Scott if we could park and walk down there.


Scott took his phone out and turned it off. (Hmmmm. I missed that detail at the time.)

We took a picture in front of the trees and then crossed over to the other side, where there were benches to sit.

Then, Scott reached into his jacket. I thought he was going for his cell phone.

He pulled out a ring, looked at me with those incredible green eyes, got on his knee in front of me on the pavement and said, “I love you. Will you marry me?”

I was stunned. I grinned and said a glowing, “YES!”

My mind was whirling and I thought, “Oh my gosh! This is really happening!! THIS is what this feels like!”

After giving him the answer, I was like a broken record because I kept saying, “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”

Three women and a girl walked by and before I knew what I was doing I burst out, “I just got engaged!”

The women swarmed around and congratulated us, looking at my ring. I asked them if they’d take some pictures. (I’d just taken my camera out of my suitcase an hour before. Look how that worked out!)


After the women left, we talked more and I was a CNN reporter, asking for all the details…making him start at the very beginning.

He’s amazing. He drove to visit Mom and Dad in Lincoln to ask for their blessing in person — right after he got off work in Omaha Thursday night. How cool is that?

Another fun part of the story: he’d picked up the ring Thursday morning (the day before I flew in) and his plan was to propose Friday or Saturday. He’d thought he’d probably propose on Saturday morning at the little church where his parents married — but he said he couldn’t wait — and so when we walked down to the Creek he realized it would be the perfect time.

It was perfect, indeed, because I LOVE the outdoors, especially when it involves being in a beautiful setting. And fall is my favorite season. That’s what we got! I love how God orchestrated that.


We looked at rings at Borsheim’s last month and this beveled band was one I immediately fell in love with but didn’t know it’d be the one he’d give me!

I’m a blessed woman, indeed, and the ring is only a small part. 🙂


We walked around the Plaza for a bit and enjoyed holding hands with the new feel of an engagement ring involved. 🙂 Then, we jumped in the car and started driving to his uncle’s farm in northwest Missouri. On the way, we spotted this gas station. Love’s gas station. I think their motto should be, “Fuel your love.”

I mean, how can you NOT stop and take a picture?!

As I was in the restroom, Scott spotted a postcard of Brush Creek that was almost perfect to show where we got engaged. What a fun provision from God.

We bought 10. LOL. Thanks, mystery photographer who will never know what fans we are of you!


After I landed in Orlando, dear friends Virginia and Jennifer met me at 7-11 for a quick hug and we-want-to-check-out-your-ring visit. They told me to get in the back of their car (reminiscent of my senior year when I got kidnapped after making varsity tennis) and proceeded to lavish me with fun gifts.

Yay for gifts! Thus the face. (I was commanded to display the ring, too.)


Thanks, girls! You made my Sunday evening…make that 1 a.m. on Monday!


So…what next?

Scott asked what I’d think about not jumping right into planning the wedding. I was relieved to hear that because I have a feeling that when we start the planning “train” it will go full-speed ahead. And I don’t want to rush this.

We’re going to enjoy this season for a bit, relishing God’s incredible gift in bringing Lord Bentley and I together.

More details to come!

the b list of food products

October 15, 2007


As I munched on a kid-sized 100 Grand this afternoon (chocolate is a vegetable, right?), I got a little sad.

You don’t hear much about 100 Grands these days. Or Baby Ruths. Or Mr. Goodbars.

Then, I started thinking about the sodas that are always on sale: 7-Up, A&W Root Beer and Shasta.

It’s like they’re crying out for help; for a second chance. “I’m a good product! Don’t punish me for not having the marketing money my peers do.”

I grieve especially for 7-Up. I mean, how do you recover an image once you’ve been associated for helping upset tummies feel better?

1,095 days as an instructor

October 10, 2007


Three years ago today I was certified as a Jazzercise instructor. (3rd anniversaries involve leather, I see. Not sure if that applies to Jazzercise anniversaries, but feel free to send me a purse.)

Last night as I was teaching our class for missionaries here at work I thought, do I remember life before teaching?

Sure I do, but I was oblivious to the fun I was missing.

A big reason I got into it was for the health benefits as an insulin-pump diabetic.

Here are a few other highlights of the 3 years:

  • It’s free karaoke. I mean, I have the microphone and the music’s blasting and who’s gonna stop me from singing?
  • I’ve met Campus Crusade women I’d never have met otherwise. We laugh. A LOT.
  • It fulfills the young-Angie dreams of high school dance squad and stand up comedy, all rolled into one.
  • Have a platform to talk about health and see women’s lives change for the better.
  • See the dream realized of offering a free class for our missionaries at work.
  • See the dream realized of another Campus Crusade woman joining me as an instructor — and Kristina did just this spring!

i want it now…but maybe i can be convinced of later

October 6, 2007

The more I walk this humid earth (at least in Florida and Nebraska) the more I see a sad, sad reality:

A life following Jesus involves delayed gratification.

This causes much strife in my life because although I seem in every way a 32-year-old woman who’s mature, educated, patient, a sharp dresser…(sorry, I got carried away and that’s beside the point), inside I’m just a little 3-year-old who throws a temper tantrum if I don’t get my way.

And I want it now.

I’m reminded of this as I’m studying Hebrews 11 with my small group.

Today, as I was reading the chapter again and letting it steep like a cup of tea on a snowy day, it’s oh-so-clear that this isn’t my home.

And I made a list of what I saw in the chapter that makes me think this way:

  • We don’t have clear vision yet. (v. 1)
  • Our place of inheritance isn’t yet available for us to receive (v.8)
  • We are aliens (Sigorney Weaver need not apply) (v. 9)
  • We are dwelling, in essence, in tents. (v.9)
  • We are heirs of a promise not yet realized. (v.10)
  • We are strangers and exiles. (Not exactly how we pitch the Christian life, huh?) (v.13)
  • We are desiring a better country; a heavenly one. (v. 16)
  • There’s a city prepared for us beyond. (v.16)

As I read this I find myself nodding internally. Yeah, that sounds like what my heart’s trying to say. This isn’t home yet but I sooooo want it to be. No wonder all the “now” I demand doesn’t take away the ache that there’s something more that I can’t experience here. Even as good as it gets here. (And it’s pretty darned good these days thanks to God’s gift of Scott in my life.)

So I wait. And I fix my soul’s eyes on what my earthly eyes can’t see.

And I stop demanding (at least for the next 5 minutes) as I remember this: I am to live in the present tense but that my hope is set in the future.

skewed vision

October 4, 2007


I woke up this morning funkified (I felt like I look in this picture). It’d been a sad 3 days and my usually-half-full glass was losing fluid quickly enough to demand an I.V.


I knew I was in a funk but I couldn’t shake it. So I wish I could say my next decision was a novel one. But it wasn’t my first time.

I drove to 7-11 and exited with a Big Gulp Diet Coke and a donut.

Ugh. Did I really do that? Am I really confessing that?

Who does that? Oh, wait. Me.

As I wiped the remnant of the pull-apart icing off my lips I saw my actions for what they were: empty.

Empty. (Albeit really close to humorous. I mean, what kind of breakfast combo is that?)

It wasn’t until my lunch hour and praying with my dear friend, Amanda, that the fog advisory lifted.

We get together to pray each Thursday and I never cease to be amazed at the different Angie that emerges from the room at the end of the hour. It’s as though I leave saying, “Oh, YOU’RE God!” Truly, I am changed. Even if my circumstances don’t budge.

So I look at today and am saddened by my Greg-Louganis-jump to my own solution of provision. Whether a Diet Coke/donut seeming self-medication or throwing myself into working longer hours to distract myself or…whatever is a quick band-aid.

Oh, wait. Didn’t I just learn this lesson last week with the iPod?

Jesus, I have such skewed vision. I can’t see clearly and thus forget that You’re at work. Let me see with Your eyes and not run with my feet to try to make life work for myself.

And remind me about all this again the next time my blinker’s on and I’m careening into the 7-11 parking lot?