In Paris for Thanksgiving

November 24, 2005
My travel companion was cold. He wasn’t unfriendly. Simply frozen solid in the syrofoam cooler. I brought the Thanksgiving bird in my carry-on and am proud of say he arrived in Paris, hours and miles later, still frozen. He’d accompanied me to spend time over Thanksgiving with dear friends, the Streets, who live in France and also work with Campus Crusade.At the end of my time there, I met with staff members working in the Paris area office. I was grateful for the opportunity to lead a focus group with them, asking how they use the Staff Web and how we might make it even better. (Here’s Kourtney with Joseph and Rich–thanks to husband and photographer, Rich.)

31st birthday celebration

November 15, 2005
Girlfriends and Macaroni Grill–what a great way to celebrate! (front row: Lisa, Tami, Deb, Monica. back row: Christy, me, Amanda, Virginia and Jennifer)


November 14, 2005

Campus Crusade for Christ began in 1951 and is a faith-based Christian ministry.

Those who work full-time with Campus Crusade as missionary staff members (including the president, Steve Douglass) raise funds needed to pay their salaries and to cover ministry expenses. No central funds exist to pay those costs.

So each of us are responsible for raising financial support to cover these expenses by developing a team of people.

Since joining the staff in 1998, I’ve been grateful for my team who, through prayer and financial support, enable and share in my personal ministry.

My current need is for additional financial partners who, monthly, give $100 or some other amount.

How you can join me:

  • Give by credit card over a secure link provided by Campus Crusade.
  • Call 1-888-CRUSADE to arrange for your monthly gift to be deducted from your credit card or checking account (monthly or one-time). My account number is #0480535.
  • Give by writing a check each month, sending it into Campus Crusade and attaching a note that you’d like it directed toward me, account #0480535. (When they receive your gift, they’ll send you a receipt and envelope for your next month’s gift.)
  • Give stock or other non-cash gifts.
  • If you are a rancher or farmer, consider STEER.

Questions? Just ask.

You may work for a company that offers a matching gift program. Contact your company to obtain a Matching Gift Form, fill in their portion, send the form to me for completion. We will forward the form to the company. The company will then determine if they will match the your gift. You may direct any specific questions about matching gifts to 407-826-2468.