zippers to withstand y2k

July 30, 2006

Yesterday I noticed my zipper’s inscription:


I’d seen it before on many other zippers, but hadn’t put it all together.

And I wonder…did a zipper company that now owns a large part of the zipper market begin marking these YKK around 1999? Does it stand for Y2K? Are the zippers made out of the same sturdy material as FBI saferooms? (No wonder these pants were so expensive!)

And what a bummer that would be if there was a WW3 and only my zipper made it through unscathed.

You’re looking at your zipper, aren’t you?


july newsletter: back to school

July 14, 2006

Hanging off the trolley in San Francisco, enjoying a night off after 8 hours of sitting in classes. Thus, the face.


The movers and the shakers were in the room: eBay, Nike, T-Mobile and the United Nations. (Yes, the U.N.)

And Campus Crusade for Christ. (That is Jason, Erik and me from the Web team.)

It was an intensive three-day training for communications people working on the Internet. The classes focused on how to make our sites more user-friendly. I learned a lot. For instance, the importance of spending time face-to-face with our staff members, asking them what they like on the Staff Web (below) and what they don’t.

I was also encouraged. The conference sessions pointed out many things to implement that we’re already doing. Hurrah! We’re on the right track!

This week, Gabe (a coworker) and I hosted a focus group with a handful of new staff members who are going through our summer training. We received valuable input and ideas for continuing to make the Staff Web a place that helps inform, equip and inspire our staff family.

Two days ago I received an e-mail from a staff member thanking our team for making it easy for him to find the information he needs to do his job more effectively.

How encouraging!

prayer request/praise report

July 14, 2006

A new insulin pump—I’m working with my insurance company to  receive a new pump. Mine is out of warranty. Pray that the insurance company will offer me trade-in value for my current pump (not a given). 

Also, pray for the $1,000 I’ll need to cover my portion.  

A praise is how long I’ve had this pump. Usually diabetics have to trade in their every three or so years. I bought mine five years ago (with a free upgrade thrown in after one year by the pump company). So God has given me extended use. I’m grateful for His very clear provision and how helps keep me a healthy diabetic!   

the prize winner

July 3, 2006

Great movie: “The Prize Winner” with Julianne Moore. A diamond in the rough at Blockbuster Video.