About Ministry

From early on, my dream had always been to work in a big-city ad agency. However, God had done so much in my life through my college involvement with Campus Crusade for Christ that I was considering joining its staff.

My wise mom said, “Who better to advertise for than God?”

I was sold.

Since joining Campus Crusade in 1998, I have enjoyed serving in various parts of the ministry: writing for Campus Crusade’s magazine, Worldwide Challenge; traveling the world with Judy Douglass (the wife of our president, Steve); Guest Relations at our world headquarters and campus ministry at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

My Current Role

I direct our Campus Crusade for Christ internal Web site, called the Staff Web. I handle day-to-day operations, as well as help plan content and determine future direction.

Why I Do It

I love helping make missionary life easier. For instance, helping connect our staff members to necessary people or resources: reports, evangelism ideas, contact numbers, communication from our leaders, stories from around the globe, reminders of upcoming events and all the while exposing them to things they didn’t even know existed!

I enjoy utilizing communication to help staff members be more connected, informed and effective in accomplishing the mission God has given them. Thus, making the good news of Christ be inescapable for people who haven’t met Him yet.

Want to Know More?

Read my newsletters.


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