In Paris for Thanksgiving

My travel companion was cold. He wasn’t unfriendly. Simply frozen solid in the syrofoam cooler. I brought the Thanksgiving bird in my carry-on and am proud of say he arrived in Paris, hours and miles later, still frozen. He’d accompanied me to spend time over Thanksgiving with dear friends, the Streets, who live in France and also work with Campus Crusade.At the end of my time there, I met with staff members working in the Paris area office. I was grateful for the opportunity to lead a focus group with them, asking how they use the Staff Web and how we might make it even better. (Here’s Kourtney with Joseph and Rich–thanks to husband and photographer, Rich.)

3 Responses to In Paris for Thanksgiving

  1. Rich says:

    Woo hoo! We made the cut. Joseph was just looking at your blog and he saw your picture and said, “Angie!” Thanks for a great time!!


  2. […] Aspiring-firefighter Rich turned 5 on Thursday, and on Friday we met up at a local firestation to get a tour. (One of the many fun things I can do with the boys now that their family moved back from France!) I think the adults might have liked it even better than the kids. Who knew ALL the stuff they carry on the trucks! […]

  3. […] Little David Street got to come home today after being in the hospital since Tuesday with a virus. (Here’s my rolled-out-of-bed-at-7am-look.)  Husband Rich took 5-year-old Rich to his soccer game, so I played limo driver and brought Kourtney and David home. […]

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