women of the corn

May 27, 2006

Betsy, the instigator of the roadtrip to Zellwood (an hour away), is a friend from Jazzercise class at headquarters. She's not from Nebraska, but her love of corn might make her an honorary citizen.

A fun evening enjoying 4 ears of corn (shamelessly!) and a great concert by MercyMe. Favorites: "One Trick Pony" and "So Long Self." Check them out on itunes.

I came home and showered off what felt like a day at the county fair sans the baby pigs.


can’t take the corn out of the woman

May 25, 2006

I’m a displaced Nebraska woman living in Florida. Looking forward to the all-you-can-eat corn fest and Mercy Me concert tomorrow night.

Happy Birthday, Chad!

May 24, 2006

Here's to my 29-year-old brother, author and stud man! Glad you and I don't dress in plaid anymore.

Check out his great blog.  

play the movie

May 16, 2006

Marcy, a friend and mentor of mine, mentioned an idea a few months ago that intrigued me.

She mentioned it again Sunday when we were on the phone and it made me go for the shelf at the Christian bookstore tonight. It's called 9 Things You Simply Must Do To Succeed in Life and Love.

The chapter is called "Play the Movie" and here is the overview:

  • each of life's "scenes" contributes to the film's good end.
  • never seeing any individual action as a singular thing in and of itself – any one thing you do is only a scene in a larger movie

This has made me consider the trajectory of my life. If I keep doing what I'm doing now in the area of (fill in the blank), what's the end result? How will the movie end?

Daily choices in the arenas of physical health and spiritual health take on a greater effect when I look at the bigger picture.

I'm not hungry but it's only an Oreo or two at the office…I want to get up and have good time in Bible study in the morning, but I'm so sucked into this TV show…

fireworks flower

May 13, 2006

Spotted at Disney's Animal Kingdom, I don't know if that's the official title. But shouldn't it be?

the next Jazzercise instructor

May 11, 2006

Hilarious "evolution of dance video." I'm having 7th grade Friday night dance flashbacks.

more satisfying

May 9, 2006

“Faith stands or falls on the truth that the future with God is more satisfying than the one promised by sin.” –John Piper, author of Future Grace, p. 326