cable cars, bad pudding and spelling bees

June 24, 2006

First of all, where was my personal assistant when I packed? Ok, if I had a personal assistant and she was any good, she would’ve told me to take long underwear on this trip! Maybe it’s not that cold, but tell that to the woman in my seminar today who swaddled herself in a blanket dragged down from her guestroom!

The evenings have especially been chilly apart from the first night. God has been especially kind in providing free transportation on the cable cars while we’ve been here. They have had 2 days of no-fee rides on all public transportation so as to give awareness about the benefit of not overpolluting the air with individual cars (good luck driving on these hills, though!!!). A favorite was 2 nights ago when we headed to the downtown area of Union Square on the trolley. I was giddy as I wrapped my arm around one of the outskirting poles and waved like a homecoming queen as we sailed down the incline. What a blast!

Today was our last of 3 solid days of all-day seminars. The first day I attended one on e-mail newsletters. Yesterday and today was a 2-part series on intranets. That’s essentially what the Staff Web is as it’s for internal communciations within a company. There were a lot of helpful ideas and things I’d not considered before. I need to organize my “next steps” notes from each session and bring it to our team meeting to discuss. Overall, I was encouraged about how much we are doing right and how much we already know. The Staff Web has come a long way.

The presenters knew their stuff, but both used a term I’d never heard before. For the first two days they both mentioned – more than once each – to be careful of this or that because it could be off pudding. I wondered what that meant and figured I just wasn’t in the tech world enough and that it must be a new term to me. I thought it meant that something was supposed to be right (pudding) but it was just…off. Like chocolate pudding that wasn’t so chocolaty.

And then it hit me.

They weren’t talking about pudding at all.

They were saying that such and such was off-putting.

I ask you…is that even a word?

Now, we’re off to dinner and then to see The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. The musical, not the real thing. Although my coworker Erik, who booked the tickets, said if we get there early, you can audition to get on stage and spell.

I won’t be doing that. My 4th grade spelling bee did me in with my dive into spelling bee obscurity with the misspelling of squirrel. Two r’s. How my life could have turned out so differently…

(P.S. We fly home tomorrow morning and arrive into Orlando at 11pm-ish.)


rice-a-roni land (a.k.a. San Francisco)

June 21, 2006

We (boss Jason and coworker Erik and I) arrived into San Francisco about 11am, enjoyed the taxi ride to our hotel, driving along streets seeming to disappear vertically into the sky.

We headed for an afternoon of play before the conference begins tomorrow am. After trying to catch a trolley north to Fisherman’s Wharf, we heard it was out of service that direction, so hiked the 20+ blocks (I think?) there. Downhill. Friendly people along each turn, it seemed, helping us with directions or suggestions. I was really surprised.

We got a nice tan from the unseasonably hot weather here. Gorgeous blue skies. Spent our afternoon walking the wharf, popping in and out of shops like the Spy Shop, trinkety places, Ghiradelli’s, etc and had a great seafood dinner on Pier 39. (family, I thought of you so often today as I was reminded of our vacation here!)

We kept trying to find a trolley to bring us back up the huge hill home, but to no avail. What a workout hiking back up! Who needs Jazzercise when you live here?

We’re all registered and ready for tomorrow. I’ve signed up for the day session of “E-mail newsletter usability.” Should be very educational.I’m showered and ready for bed. Almost 1:45 am body time!

Oh, strange sighting today…a man who was organizing his collection of Band-Aids (an impressive lot of 15 or so) on the café table in front of him. No, they weren’t new. Hmmmm…the journalist in me wonders what HIS story is.

misheard lyrics

June 12, 2006

In learning a new Jazzercise routine I wondered what the lyrics were for the song. I googled the artist and song title and "lyrics" and found this goldmine site of misheard lyrics.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hums parts of songs wondering what they are…or making up what I think they're saying. Here's a favorite I found while looking around:

"America The Beautiful"

Misheard Lyrics:

Oh, beautiful four Spacious Guys
For amber waves a grain
For purple mountain, magic trees
Above the fruitless plane.

Original Lyrics:

Oh, beautiful for spacious skies
For amber waves of grain
For purple mountains majesties
Above the fruited plain.

What have you misheard?

1 football, 4 billion sets of eyes and Campus Crusade

June 9, 2006

Today begins the World Cup craziness in Germany.

Football for most of the world. Soccer for us.

Read the blog some of our Campus Crusade staff members are writing on, telling of their experiences from the field.

what i need

June 6, 2006

So I was inspired by my brother's blog. He googled "chad needs" and found a hilarious list.

Here's what Google said I need:

  • ANGIE needs an AGENT to become an ACTRESS
  • What Angie needs is some self esteem and self love
  • Staff also work closely with Angie's family members to make sure that her system includes the vocabulary that Angie needs in order to communicate
  • Angie needs to correct her eye problem
  • Angie needs to get over herself

june newsletter: boldly asking

June 2, 2006

To read the raise request, click the image.

At eight, I was making change for $5 and $10 at our family’s summer business, Kart ‘n Putt Country. (As a first born, type A, I got in a few arguments with Mom over the fact that she wouldn’t let me make change for $20.)

I learned much as the daughter of a entrepreneur dad and supportive/hard-working mom. I discovered how to interact well with customers. I was trained on the finer points of tractor-driving, whether mowing or preparing the dirt track for a go-kart race. I learned to ask for raises.

Recently, Mom mailed me this note, scrawled in 9-year-old handwriting. I’m endeared to this little girl who was so bold with her father.

As a grown woman reading this appeal, something in me stirs with longing to boldly address my heavenly Father. Even as I pray for the following, I don’t always believe that God will say yes, like I believed Dad would say yes.

  • for a husband and children
  • for friends of mine—who seem so far away from God—to place their faith in Jesus
  • for various battles in my life to be over
  • for wisdom and creativity in how to best serve our missionaries with the Staff Web site; how do we choose what’s most beneficial?

I also see an essential difference in the requests, then and now. The 9-year-old made her request based upon works—how good she was. (I laugh out loud at the crazy confidence!) The 31-year-old makes her requests to God knowing that works is as dust on the go-kart track.

It’s by faith that I came to place my trust in Jesus. Not my abilities. Faith is the currency of the Christian life. I can’t plead that “I deserve this” or negotiate with God.

But I can boldly approach God and ask, knowing that He loves me and has good intentions for me. He loves for me to tell Him what I desire.

It’s amazing. He already knows it all, but wants to hear it from my lips. And from yours.

What’s your bold request?