prayer: my nothing and God’s everything

May 31, 2007

Yet again, another picture painted in Future Grace that reminds me that God is the bountiful Giver and I am the needy receiver:

“Prayer has the wonderful capacity to highlight our emptiness and God’s fullness at the same time. It is wonderfully suited to express our inadequacy and God’s all-sufficiency. When prayer looks away from our flaws and deficiencies to God for His future grace, He gets the glory He deserves and we get the good we need.” — John Piper


when God says no with a smirk on His face

May 31, 2007

I didn’t think it’d be a prayer I’d ever remember.

“God, would you enlarge my territory to include all the sorority women in this 6-state region?” I asked God in 2001 as a new staff member wondering about my next job placement. (That was the year my friend Pat Schleper gave me the new-on-the-scene book called The Prayer of Jabez.)

No, God said to my heart, in response to my request. I want you to fall in love with all the women in the world.


Or that,” I weakly replied.

Weeks later I was offered a job to travel with Judy Douglass – the wife of our president – as her assistant.

For three-and-a-half eye-opening years I met with our Campus Crusade missionaries, mostly women, all over the world. (Including never-dull moments in 14 countries and an almost-arrest in the Frankfurt airport.)

And I fell in love with these women. Their stories. Their clothing. Their prayers offered in tongues I didn’t understand but Jesus did.

And one day I remembered what I’d asked for. And I remembered God’s answer.

God is so much bigger than I give Him credit for.

Since then, I often think of Him smirking, Oh, Angie. You’re not creative enough to know what I want to do with your life. Trust Me.

in my ear: britt nicole’s “holiday”

May 30, 2007

I’m not the new owner of a driver’s license, but I love this new face on the teen music scene.

Britt Nicole’s “Holiday” makes even your great aunt Phyllis do a lil’ sway in her seat.

memorial day with 3 street men and kourtney

May 28, 2007


Me and the youngest of the Street men (no, these aren’t men who live on the street). If David was in the Mob, he’d be crowned Big Blue Eyes for sure. He thanks mom (Kourtney) for those incredible dimples.


Joseph demonstrates the commitment of the Street family to “safety first.” Most accidents do happen close to home…or involve icing…or both.


You’ve gotta love when the boys fight over helping Dad mow.

lured in by the song title

May 26, 2007

I love iTunes. They have me, hook, line and sinker…on dry land. (Thanks, Scott.)

So, I was looking at songs tonight when I saw one of the best titles I’d seen in awhile:

“The Carpal Tunnel of Love” by Fall Out Boy.

That’s just funny.

friend wealthy

May 26, 2007

I have the Oprah Winfrey syndrome with Lee McDerment (e.g. I know him, he doesn’t know me).

Lee is the worship leader at NewSpring – my favorite church that I don’t attend. I’m a NewSpring voyeur, thanks to podcasts.

It’s been awhile since I’ve read his blog, which is a travesty, because I’m always challenged in some way towards a new thought. (P.S. Listen to his song “100 Conversations” – love the lounge feel of it. )

He wrote how he was a best man in a friend’s wedding and that he was friend wealthy.

I love that.

Friend wealthy.

That’s me, too.

So, here’s a shout-out to those friends, near and far, who all leave a mark of yourself on my soul – like colorful chalk on my front porch.

the only one givin’ is God

May 24, 2007

I want to bring something of value to the table. With naked honesty, I confess this.

I want to have some little somethin’ that I’ve made up or thought up or created all by my lonesome and have God say, “Wow, thanks! I needed that!”

This attitude is like acne – concealable behind pricey makeup, but still there; the quiet, ever-present antithesis of humility.

So this journey of learning about “future grace” took a turn a few weeks ago when our office started the John Piper DVD series about Future Grace. One of the things Piper said that day was like a doctor’s mallet swung below my kneecap.

“God is always the Giver and I’m always the Getter.”

Always. As in all the time. Not “except for the days when I conjure up something on my own.” Not “except for when God forgets.” Not “except for when Angie gets her butt in gear and makes things happen.”

So, I keep reading in this book, Future Grace, that is fast becoming among the top 3 life-changing books for me. (The Bible and Grace Walk by Steve McVey are #1 and #2).

“Grace would not be grace if it were a response to resources in us.”

Not only am I not the Giver…I’m learning I’m not the wooer. In the past I’ve been all too good at manipulating and convincing to get things done for me. There is nothing about grace that is a response to what I do or even who I am.

“Grace is grace because it highlights God’s own overflowing resources of kindness.”

I need to have the security that He does as He wills because He’s God. It’s up to Him. Not me.

“He is jealous for the world to see that He has no deficiencies which we humans could supply with our works or our distinctives. He is always the benefactor and we are always the beneficiary.”

The only one giving anything is God. And He does it because He loves His children and longs to lavish – for eternity – His grace.

“There are two astonishing things here. One is that the purpose of salvation is for God to lavish the riches of His grace on us. The other is that it will take Him forever to do it.”

I am undone, Jesus.