molly’s story on CBS and ABC

Molly taped 2 interviews Wednesday–one with CBS and one with ABC. Each one took almost 2 hours. The interviews were emotionally exhausting for Molly and anyone involved.

Molly is a freshman that is involved in the ministry of Campus Crusade at Virginia Tech. She lived next door to the first victim of Monday’s shootings.

Watch Molly’s Story

  • You can now watch ABC’s interview with Molly. It mentions her involvement with a Christian Bible-study group.
  • You can also watch the CBS interview with Molly Donohue on their Web site. It’s a short, 1 ½ minute package that aired Wednesday night on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. The CBS coverage was changed from what they’d originially planned by the breaking news of the DVD the gunmen sent to NBC.

2 Responses to molly’s story on CBS and ABC

  1. David Hand says:

    Even though I do not personally know these people, it’s still tough for me to watch. Lord please continue to pour out your mercy at VT!

    Ashley McCain was also involved in a Campus Crusade Bible Study and loved reaching out to international students. She was Molly’s friend. Ashley died at Norris Hall. Her father recently spoke to the press. This is powerful: Fox News Video Clip =

  2. David Hand says:

    Forgive me, I mentioned Ashley McCain above. Her name was Lauren Ashley McCain. I believe she went by Lauren. Sorry for the error.

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