A-ha #250: God is not like a needy trough

On Monday, our team watched a video by John Piper.

It’s Friday and I’m still chewing.

The essence of what Piper said was:

God is like a fountain.

He’s not like a needy trough into which I pour my water buckets of service attempts.

Whew. I need that truth today. This week has me spinning like a top with the Virginia Tech news and helping keep the Campus Crusade staff family abreast of the news.

Emotionally, task-wise and physically I’ve been running. (The 5K last night was a literal picture of that.)

It’s so easy for me sprint ahead in work.

If I was in a plane, the situation would be so clear. Little Angie–if I could even see her on the ground–with her little bucket of service, running to the trough. Um, no, I don’t think Angie’s little bucket will add much to the big picture.

It’s not about me.


I needed to be reminded that He doesn’t need my bucket. Or my water. I’m so glad! That is intoxicatingly freeing when I stop running and realize.

He’s not the trough. He’s my fountain.

Here’s my cup, Lord. With the bottom popped out. And I’m sticking it in the downpour of water.


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