the sign

Some people ask for signs from God.

I didn’t. I got one inadvertently.

For April, we Jazzercise instructors are encouraged to put bumper stickers on our cars and hand out stickers for our students for their cars.

Kind of like mobile advertising for the best workout known to man (make that women, mostly).

At the meeting in which we got our bumper stickers, I was also awarded a big ‘ol magnetic sign for my car.

I slapped it on today after work without thinking–on the left side, behind my driver’s-side door.

Fast forward a few hours. Tonight, I was running errands.

Barnes & Noble for a gift card. Check.

Lowe’s for a new battery for my epass. Check.

Target for milk and on-sale no-salt butter. Check.

McDonald’s for a craving-driven hamburger. (Did I mention I wasn’t hungry?) No check.

As I pointed my car in the direction of the salt- and fat-mecca I had a vision:

Me pulling through the drive-thru asking for a hamburger at 9 p.m. with a big ‘ol Jazzercise sign plastered to the side of my car. On the side of my car where only a blind McDonald’s employee would miss it.

So I bypassed Ronald and headed home.

I hate it but I love it that God thwarted my plan.

I thought I was just advertising for Jazzercise. Who knew God had His own marketing plan for it.


One Response to the sign

  1. Amy Menge says:

    The little angel on my right shoulder says, “Yay, way to go!” The little devil on my left shoulder says, “Y’know, they won’t be able to see it at all if you put it on the passenger side next time…”

    In any case, this made me smile. 🙂

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