4 campus crusade students gone

Among the shooter’s fatal victims were 4 students involved with Campus Crusade at Virginia Tech.

It makes me think back to my life in Boulder, Colorado as a new staff member with Campus Crusade. A young 22-year-old who was off to change the world at CU, God blessed me with some great young college women to work with: Christine, Nadia, Janessa, Joy, Jennifer, and many others.

It could have happened at CU. (Actually the Columbine shootings happened during those days.) It could have been Christine. Or Nadia. Or the others.

How my life and the Campus Crusade movement…and campus life would have been different without them.

And I think of Virginia Tech and my staff friend there, Sarah. The ache to lose young friends.

The Campus Crusade group is having a closed-to-the-press prayer time tonight. Tomorrow is a day many in the Campus Crusade family are praying for Virginia Tech.

Want to join us?

The staff team at Virginia Tech have asked us to specifically pray for the following things:

  1. The families of the students who were killed.
  2. The students who were injured and still in the hospital.
  3. 4 students who were involved with Campus Crusade were killed. Please pray for their families and friends.
  4. Survivors of the shootings who witnessed the horrors of that day. Pray for God’s grace and comfort.
  5. Pray for wisdom for the Campus Crusade staff member and other campus ministers and pastors as they seek to counsel and love the hurting students

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