the name-change game

So, I need more advice. What’s the best way you’ve found to change your name the gazillion of various places? Saw this name-changing kit and wondered.

What do you suggest?


6 Responses to the name-change game

  1. Gina says:

    Hi Angie, I didn’t buy anything, and it wasn’t that difficult to do! I went to the social security office first with my marriage license and got a new card mailed to me (it took awhile). Then I went to the DMV with old license and marriage license and got a new photo id. It took awhile to get all of my credit cards switched over, but most were pretty easy. The most documentation anyone required was an original marriage license and a copy of my new social security card. Easy! And I had all the pesky doctor stuff to change, too, so I’m sure you can handle it and save your money!

  2. Jen says:

    When I got married someone told me to make a miniature copy of my marriage license and keep it in my wallet. It was really good advice! It saved me at the Dr.’s office and many other places. Other than that I agree with Gina…it just takes a couple trips to get the big stuff taken care of.

  3. Rene says:

    I didn’t buy the kit either but it was always tempting. I did what Jen & Gina did as well and changed the major stuff like Driver’s License, Social Security Card and had a copy of my marriage license. Those are the three documents you need to make any other changes to anything. And really, I’m still dealing with name change things to this day – things I didn’t remember that I still had as Thompson! One funny story is that Matt and I were going to get a plane ticket with my frequent flyer miles and when I submitted it, they wouldn’t let me do it because the frequent flyer account was under my maiden name! I wouldn’t have thought they would be that strict but I also didn’t remember to change that account so it’s things like that you’ll probably run into and you just have to laugh and take it in stride!

  4. Amanda says:

    Hi Ang! I didn’t get the kit either. I just did what the other women did and made different trips. But, it wasn’t too bad. The fun thing is signing your new name! I thought it would take me awhile to remember to use my married name, but it was amazing how quickly I got used to Amanda Stephens.

  5. caryn says:

    don’t lose your marriage certificate somewhere in thailand.

  6. Amy Christmas says:

    Wow — I thought making all of those trips was a pain in the NECK!!! As well as other parts of my body…Anyway, don’t buy the kit, just keep making phone calls. It’ll take a while to get it all done, but I’ve found that most businesses don’t care. I think because so many people are living together or not taking each others’ names when they do get married…most businesses don’t care…I mean, they’ll change your name in their system, but some have just taken my word for it with no documentation — kind of scary! I think the other advice given is good — mostly it just takes time. Good luck!

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