november newsletter: the question I waited 32 years to hear


I’m Engaged!

On Friday, October 26th, I got engaged to Scott Bentley. It’s more than a week later and I can’t stop grinning!

He proposed on the ground next to the bench as we sat next to Brush Creek in Kansas City.

How We Met

Last fall, after years of making fun of online dating, I signed up on Christian Café for three months. (I made fun of Jazzercise, too, and look where that got me! Note to self: don’t make fun of things.)

The fall was the best of times and the worst of times. My heart came alive. Jesus used The Café to coax out my timid heart that was afraid of rejection.

I was pleasantly surprised by the caliber of men I interacted with and how many really appeared to be followers of Jesus. But, in the end, my heart did get broken.

In the spring I got an e-mail from The Café giving me a free, 5-day trial. (Their way of wooing me back.) I said to God, “No way. I can’t do that again. The wound is still tender.” And I felt like He said to my heart, “Trust Me.”

There was nothing in me that wanted to get back on the horse. Truly, I don’t know if I’ve ever done anything quite by faith like clicking that button to say yes. By day 4 (of the 5) I’d met no one interesting. So I decided to do a search for men who lived in Nebraska (being the Husker woman I am), age 31-35.

Then I saw Scott’s profile.

I was initially attracted to his intelligence and ability to spell (sounds funny but you’d be amazed at other profiles!), the refreshing way he talked about the Lord, his picture, his sense of humor (he’d blocked out the faces of his sister, niece and nephew in one of the pictures “to protect the innocent,” he said) and that he’d done relief work on the Gulf coast after Katrina. So I shot him a brief e-mail telling I, too, had done Katrina clean up and what was an experience he had there that struck him?

He wrote back and the rest is history.

I am marrying my best friend and thank God for bringing this incredible man into my life during a 5-day trial — and how God provided the strength I didn’t have to trust Him with my bruised heart.


Please Pray

  • For God to be glorified in our relationship.
  • For Scott and I as we talk through questions in Preparing for Marriage. What a tremendous resource leading to rich conversation, understanding and important decision-making.



One Response to november newsletter: the question I waited 32 years to hear

  1. caryn says:

    i’ll never think of a “trial” the same way again :)…

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