skewed vision


I woke up this morning funkified (I felt like I look in this picture). It’d been a sad 3 days and my usually-half-full glass was losing fluid quickly enough to demand an I.V.


I knew I was in a funk but I couldn’t shake it. So I wish I could say my next decision was a novel one. But it wasn’t my first time.

I drove to 7-11 and exited with a Big Gulp Diet Coke and a donut.

Ugh. Did I really do that? Am I really confessing that?

Who does that? Oh, wait. Me.

As I wiped the remnant of the pull-apart icing off my lips I saw my actions for what they were: empty.

Empty. (Albeit really close to humorous. I mean, what kind of breakfast combo is that?)

It wasn’t until my lunch hour and praying with my dear friend, Amanda, that the fog advisory lifted.

We get together to pray each Thursday and I never cease to be amazed at the different Angie that emerges from the room at the end of the hour. It’s as though I leave saying, “Oh, YOU’RE God!” Truly, I am changed. Even if my circumstances don’t budge.

So I look at today and am saddened by my Greg-Louganis-jump to my own solution of provision. Whether a Diet Coke/donut seeming self-medication or throwing myself into working longer hours to distract myself or…whatever is a quick band-aid.

Oh, wait. Didn’t I just learn this lesson last week with the iPod?

Jesus, I have such skewed vision. I can’t see clearly and thus forget that You’re at work. Let me see with Your eyes and not run with my feet to try to make life work for myself.

And remind me about all this again the next time my blinker’s on and I’m careening into the 7-11 parking lot?


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