my Lord Bentley


With a last name like Bentley and — being an Englishman — how can Scott Bentley not get this nickname? You might remember Scott from the picture back in May that I posted of us at the Omaha Zoo.

Last month, Scott came to Orlando for his first voyage to Florida. My friend and coworker, Ted Wilcox, offered to take some pictures of Scott and I. (Ted’s a photographer for Worldwide Challenge. See some of Mr. Photographer’s recent work.)

I should say it’s convenient that Ted is my dear friend Jennifer’s boyfriend and Ted had let Scott stay with him during the trip.

More photos to come, but I really like this one, above. Oh, here are a few pictures from Scott’s visit to Orlando.


5 Responses to my Lord Bentley

  1. Lord Bentley says:

    I know I’m officially ‘in’ when I’m the topic of a blog entry 😉

  2. rob says:

    My friend Brent Larson and I were talking about having British titles also one day. We decided a good one for him is Sir Brent of Andover. I think I’m going to go with Duke Robert of O’ Lando.

  3. Lisa says:

    What a FABULOUS looking couple!!!!! ( :

  4. Mich says:

    You guys are glowing!!!

  5. Kathy says:

    Great pic!!

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