insight: well-worn paths

Even though not officially a writer for our magazine anymore, I’m grateful that I’m asked to freelance once in a while.

The trip to Korea for to write about the conference would be an amazing example of that. (Ignore my immature WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!! here.)

Usually, my friend and editor, Becky, asks me to write a short article for the Insight portion of the magazine. It’s my favorite genre of writing because, in doing so, I often have to think more intentionally — and flesh out in a deeper way — what it means for me to walk with God.

And the writer actually becomes the learner.

Note: This Insight for the July/August issue actually began as a blog entry, so if you think you’ve seen it before that’s why. No fear that you’re experiening deja vu…all over again.

You can read my article here if you don’t get the magazine.


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