scattering back to the world

Last night marked the finale of the conference. Truly, what a glimpse of Heaven.

We got the official numbers in: 121 countries and 15,994 students and staff members.

God amazed me with the interviews He brought about for me with students from France, Nigeria, Russia and Brazil. The story is taking shape. Now, I just have to write it when I get home. 🙂


This has been our Jerusalem, of sorts, this last week. And now, just like Acts 1:8, we’re off to Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth.




A married staff couple from Albania. Every time I see people from Albania, or hear about the country, I flash back to 1996 when I signed up to go on a Campus Crusade spring break mission trip to Albania. Then, a war broke out and the plans changed, rerouting us to a country in the Middle East. Maybe one day I’ll go! Want to come with me?


At the Global Connexion Fair there were booths for every part of the world with information about the country and the need for Jesus-followers to labor there. This box was teeming with response cards filled out confirming, “Yes, I’d like more information about reaching Europeans for Christ.”


I couldn’t take my eyes off of this believer worshiping in front of me last night. Wow, what a challenge to praise God amidst adversity and circumstance and recognize He is still God and worthy of my worship.


Dr. Park, the national director of Campus Crusade in Korea, took time last night to share the message about how Jesus can save your life. I don’t know why that surprised me so much that he did that — and I was overwhelmed to be reminded of the need and that, in a crowd this size, there are college students who came as seekers and maybe even religious…but whom never said “yes” to Jesus to save them from their sins and give them new life.

Students poured down the aisles to the stage like a fast-flowing river, most with one or two believer friends with them, holding their hand or arms wrapped around them, in support of their friend’s life-changing choice.

Amazing. This week wasn’t just about believers being trained up to go out to the world, but for students to place their faith in Jesus for the first time. A moment I won’t ever forget.


Raised hands with cell phones.


On the subway going back to their dorm/condo/hotel after the last session.


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