a little flag show


127 countries represented in the crowd. 192 flags paraded down the aisles in the parade of nations. The rest of the 12,000 Korean students arrived today. (And, yes, these people you see here aren’t Korean nor students. 🙂 It’s the “grown up” section, of sorts.)

There wasn’t an empty seat in the entire house. Students overflowed into the aisles.


A common scene at CM2007: a student grabs another student’s extremely oversized nametag and attempts to pronounce their name. I LOVE this guy’s shirt. He’s from the Republic of the Congo and his shirt has the crest of Campus Crusade all over it. Think JoAnn Fabrics carries that?

So the prayer request from last night didn’t quite get answered in the way I thought–it got answered for sure, but not in a group of 10-12. More like a group of 5 bus loads of students. Abundantly more than all I can ask or imagine, as it says in Ephesians. God has clearly gone before Tom and I on this trip.

I got 2 really great interviews today — one from Brazil and one from Liberia. (Yeah, go ahead and break out your atlas.) I’m not sure if I’d have met either of these students had plan A happened.

One of the coolest things to realize was how God answered my prayer about how to interview on the move. Instead of me moving, God put us on a moving boat so I could stand still and interview and write. How creative is He?



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