every tribe, tongue and nation

Wow, today was a great day. Very full. The extroverts will go to bed energized. The introverts might be slightly overwhelmed.

A dear friend from the office, Tricia, e-mailed me last night that God kept bringing me to mind and she was praying that He would be dropping students in my lap to interview for the story. I was stunned. Today, that very thing happened. Over. And over.

Today I interviewed students from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Poland and France. Unbelievable.

It encouraged me that she wrote because it reminded me that God wants His story here told more than I do and He’ll bring it about and He’ll provide the right characters in that story. And He’ll move others like Tricia to bring it about.

So if you’ve been praying, thank you! Know that it’s making a huge difference here, on the other side of the world.


It’s like a rock concert’s staging with the lights and a kickin’ band. This was our morning worship time. Just like my Sunday church service at home, only this has a few more tribes, tongues and nations represented. Oh, and a bigger stage.


Seeing these two guys talking made me grin. I mean, where else in the world might conversations like these be happening?


You’d think you’re at Denver International Airport with this mass of people, but we’re just all on our way to seminars.


Some new friends from Kenya (middle two girls) and from Malaysia. They’d all become friends just today. It’s like the last night of camp with people taking pictures together and writing down e-mails for each other here.


Tonight on the way home from BEXCO, I ventured to the largest non-American store I’ve been to (save Ikea). But even Ikea doesn’t boast an incline moving walkway like this — all so you can take your grocery cart from the food section on the first floor to clothes on the second floor to crafts on third, etc. It’s like shopping and a 5% grade incline treadmill workout…all at once!


I’ve decided that the best way to try some Korean food in small quantities to see if you like it is to come on Sunday nights and try free samples. I thought only American grocery stores did that. At every aisle intersection there were two little stations set up. This is the dried food aisle. Not sure what the stacked black stuff is. Ideas?


A future Shrek-ear-wearing McDonald’s employee (see yesterday’s blog entry).


My question: do they sell this outfit in an adult size? I especially am coveting the pink-and-white polka dot rain boots.


3 Responses to every tribe, tongue and nation

  1. Megan Wasneechak says:

    The second picture above, of the African and Euro/U.S. students, is possibly the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I LOVE IT! :o)

  2. Phyllis says:

    I love the photos, Angie! The grocery store/workout thing is a great idea. No wonder Asians are generally in such great shape.

    (I think the dried brown stuff is seaweed. Most likely the variety used for making sushi. Next time you get a chance, just take a whiff which should either confirm my hunch or prove me wrong.)

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