day in the city: prayer request

Big prayer request: tomorrow, Tom and I are meeting students at 9 a.m. (8 p.m. for you in EST). It’s a free day for students to sight-see. But here’s the cool thing — they’re meeting in the lobby of their living area and going out by groups of 10-12…and they’re encouraged to mix countries within those groups. So, it’ll be a mini-U.N. group.

Tom and I are excited to join a group for the photo ops and for the way the lives of the students will weave together over the course of the day.

Would you join Tom and I in praying:

  • That God would drop into our lap the best group for our story purpose
  • That it’d be a group of the most diversity possible
  • That students would be in the group who have especially fascinating stories/testimonies
  • For great photo opportunities for Tom as he shoots the day
  • For me as I interview students on the move, literally
  • For us to enjoy our day together as we venture into Busan and for eyes open and sensitive hearts to those around us

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