writing-the-story prayer requests

As the students descend upon the BEXCO (see pictures below), Tom (the photographer traveling with me from Worldwide Challenge to do the feature story) and I are asking God for wisdom as we try to capture the story here.Please just me in praying:

  • For divine appointments regarding interviews and photographs. Up until this morning I was feeling pretty overwhelmed about finding “the right” 3-5 students to tell their story, and in doing so, tell the story of the conference. Thankfully, God reminded me that He’s God and I’m not. It’s not my job to worry or to try to work in my own strength; it’s my job to trust and step out in faith.
  • That God would incline the hearts of the students toward Him and His word. That they would experience God’s love for them in a fresh way and they would walk away from the days here different. The best program, the best logistic team and the best band can’t produce heart change in life — only God can.
  • A praise: I feel completely on the right time zone. I don’t take that for granted and realize that’s a gift from God to be alert when it’d be bedtime at home in Orlando.

2 Responses to writing-the-story prayer requests

  1. jennifer says:

    Wow! it sure sounds like you are truly getting a taste of heaven. What an amazing opportunity. You’re in my prayers.

  2. Keith Davy says:

    Thanks for the updates from CM 2007. I appreciate getting a glance of the time — being back here in the states and praying!

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