the first taste of Heaven


The BEXCO arena is this week’s home for 10,000 Korean students and 6,000 of every other tribe, tongue and nation. Can I tell you that walking down the hall is like what I picture taking a stroll in Heaven will be?

So, things are almost underway and it’s more and more clear to me that God has got to move for anything of value to happen here. I mean, just the logistics for a conference this size are staggering.

Students are spread out, living in 10 different sites around the city: hotels, universities and everything in between…6-12 to a room. That’s bonding, I’d say!

Stay tuned for a link to watch the sessions live or archived. Truly, this is a historic event.




Real-time translation of 10 languages besides English are offered. Yes, this advertising major can count…I realize there’s only 7 here. I guess that means the other ones are secret languages. Ooooh, I’ve always wanted to speak a secret language. But I digress…


Let’s just say you’d have to pay me a significant wage of won per hour for me to agree to don florescent green Shrek ears on my head.


It’s like a skateboard…only not. I’d say that’s good for balance, coordination and impressing the young Korean girls.


They teach ’em early here. I was outside the BEXCO reading Hebrews and journaling when I spotted Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s Korean counterpart.


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