june newsletter: the big picture

I joined the Campus Crusade family with tunnel vision.

God significantly changed my life as a college student in a sorority; so when I came to the University of Boulder-Colorado for ministry, Greek letters and Greek houses were all I could see.

My campus director pulled me aside to talk about my undue focus and challenged me to broaden my peripheral vision and see the other lost students on campus. I brushed his words off, telling myself that he simply didn’t understand the importance of reaching Greeks like I did.

God exposed my pride and my heart slowly grew larger for all the students on the campus.

A year later, while driving to campus, I heard the ending blurb for the FamilyLife radio program: “FamilyLife, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.”

I was caught completely off-guard. “What?” I thought. “How had I not known the Campus Crusade family included FamilyLife?”

Recounting both those stories now – after 9 years as a staff member – I am surprised that I ever tried to squeeze God into a box. But I’m sad to say that I still do that very thing, at times.

I default to a focus on the people before me and often don’t raise my eyes to the bigger picture of what God’s doing all around the world through the Campus Crusade family.

That big picture involves much more than what I see. It involves a vision toward the day when everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. And “everyone” includes:

This list is just part of the Campus Crusade family of ministries in the U.S., not including our ministries working outside the U.S…and that’s just Campus Crusade..and just a slice of all that God’s doing around the world.

Woo hoo! It’s both overwhelming and encouraging when I back up and lift my eyes.

How big is your God?


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