when God says no with a smirk on His face

I didn’t think it’d be a prayer I’d ever remember.

“God, would you enlarge my territory to include all the sorority women in this 6-state region?” I asked God in 2001 as a new staff member wondering about my next job placement. (That was the year my friend Pat Schleper gave me the new-on-the-scene book called The Prayer of Jabez.)

No, God said to my heart, in response to my request. I want you to fall in love with all the women in the world.


Or that,” I weakly replied.

Weeks later I was offered a job to travel with Judy Douglass – the wife of our president – as her assistant.

For three-and-a-half eye-opening years I met with our Campus Crusade missionaries, mostly women, all over the world. (Including never-dull moments in 14 countries and an almost-arrest in the Frankfurt airport.)

And I fell in love with these women. Their stories. Their clothing. Their prayers offered in tongues I didn’t understand but Jesus did.

And one day I remembered what I’d asked for. And I remembered God’s answer.

God is so much bigger than I give Him credit for.

Since then, I often think of Him smirking, Oh, Angie. You’re not creative enough to know what I want to do with your life. Trust Me.


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