friend wealthy

I have the Oprah Winfrey syndrome with Lee McDerment (e.g. I know him, he doesn’t know me).

Lee is the worship leader at NewSpring – my favorite church that I don’t attend. I’m a NewSpring voyeur, thanks to podcasts.

It’s been awhile since I’ve read his blog, which is a travesty, because I’m always challenged in some way towards a new thought. (P.S. Listen to his song “100 Conversations” – love the lounge feel of it. )

He wrote how he was a best man in a friend’s wedding and that he was friend wealthy.

I love that.

Friend wealthy.

That’s me, too.

So, here’s a shout-out to those friends, near and far, who all leave a mark of yourself on my soul – like colorful chalk on my front porch.


One Response to friend wealthy

  1. lee mcd says:

    oprah winfrey! whatever, angie! i was asking colleen about you the other day. when are you coming up for another visit?

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