need anything at the general store?

So, I went to visit my dear friend, Jamy, this afternoon. I knew she had moved to a farm, but I didn’t realize how very rural the drive would be.

I unabashedly pulled over at this General Store to document my over-the-river- and-through-the-woods journey to the Sullivan farm.

You know the journey will be interesting when part of the directions include:

“follow this over the dam, stay on this paved road, up and down some hills and curves…this will be a gravel road and this is the only time you should go on gravel…”


2 Responses to need anything at the general store?

  1. segalini says:

    Hurry home, Angie. We miss you back here in the big city.

  2. Lisa says:

    Yes, but do they have vend-o-bait machines? I swear this is true–back in Michigan, in a tiny burgh called Holly (where my mom grew up) I saw a live bait vending machine outside a gas station. It was like a Coke machine, only it dispensed live nightcrawlers. I’m assuming they came in a styrofoam cup or something–I didn’t try it out to see.

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