there needs to be a word for that

My friend Jennifer and I have an ongoing joke. It usually comes up as we’re in the Target parking lot looking for a space.

And we spot one.

Or so we think.

We inch closer, about to turn, when…Bam! (No, not Emeril.) It’s a sneaky motorcycle or mini-cooper parked in the spot.

One day of one us said, “There needs to be a word for that.”

So, here’s the contest Jennifer and I are announcing: hit us with your best shot and coin a word for each of the following situations below.

The winner gets a dozen homemade cookies from us.

Here’s the reverse-Balderdash game: (leave a comment with your answers)

  1. A parking spot you aim your car for and learn, at the last minute, is occupied. A let down/frustrated/jealous-of- the-motorcycle feeling.
  2. The emotion you feel when you can’t locate your car in a parking lot. A mixture of “where did I leave it?” confusion and “is this the time I’m actually right and it got stolen?” paranoia.
  3. When you pick up something only to find it’s incredibly lighter than expected and surprise yourself with your incredible strength (a milk jug almost empty, sundry home improvement cans in your garage, etc.).

4 Responses to there needs to be a word for that

  1. Lisa Collins says:

    Hey Ladies,
    I know this is late, but I saw your profile on Crutivity GCX so I clicked on your blog…I happen to be one of those motorcycle people so…try these

    CycleEnvy (alt. sp. Cyclenvy)
    ScootAche (scoot is slang for motorcycle)

  2. angiebring says:

    Wow, Lisa. Those are great! I especially love Cyclenvy. I can see why you’re in the group for creatives. 🙂

  3. Megan Wasneechak says:

    Your #3 reminds me of an episode of The Office… here’s a clip of the scene and if you fast forward it to 50 seconds, you’ll get right to the part: Hilarious.

    Oh! And we were talking about this at Jazzercise. Here is the video that goes with that OK Go song, “Here it Goes Again.” Often known as the treadmill song:

    – Megan (from Jazzercise)

  4. Angie says:

    Ok, another event that needs a word: I was flying home from Omaha this weekend and was battling those pesky sensor hand-washing faucets. There needs to be a word for when you can’t make it work and you kind of start embarrassing yourself with the way you dance around, trying to get it to “see” you.

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