diabetes anniversary

Kind of odd.

This pseudo-celebration.

Sorta like saying, “15 years ago I got hit by that car.”

But it’s not just about the disease and the forever-life-changes it brings.

It’s about the life God has breathed into mine these last 9 years.

How has it been 9 years since the doctor looked at me and confirmed my fear?

I had type-1 diabetes. And now joined Dad as a card-carrying member of the club no one applies for.

There have been days it’s been rough. That unapproved tears rise up and I think, Enough of this. I’ve had enough of this.

It’s scary. I can’t even remember the days before insulin and blood-testing strips. It’s like a fog.

But then most days I can appreciate:

  • the insulin pump
  • that I had a dad who modeled that diabetes doesn’t define my life…it is part of my life
  • that God loves me enough to use my non-functioning pancreas to teach me a huge life lesson–I need people.

Asking for help and needing others has never come easy to this girl.

Read the article I wrote for Worldwide Challenge about that battle.

Thanks, Jesus, for being the Hero of my in-process battle.


2 Responses to diabetes anniversary

  1. Chad says:

    Good article sis – don’t recall reading that one before. I’ve had reactions in middle of meetings at work. Good thing there is a pop machine nearby and change in my pocket.

  2. Jim says:

    I don’t like asking for help either. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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