i’m queen of the world!

Woo hoo!

What a feeling to be here (right) at Table Rock State Park in South Carolina, and overlook where Colleen and I climbed (and) hiked (and) tripped up rock steps for 1.5 hours yesterday. It only took us and our quads-of-steel 50 minutes to come down.

We figured if we rolled straight down we could cut it to an impressive 10 minutes. We didn’t try. I wanted to live to tell about this. It’s not every day this Nebraska-girl hikes.

I don’t LOVE hiking, but I like having hiked.

I flew back to Orlando this afternoon and am now miles away from the mountains and dear Colleen, the recent transplant.

What a wonderful mini-vacation. Restful, active, restorative, hilarious, delicious, and sweaty (good thing this photo isn’t scratch and sniff).

Click on the photo to see about a dozen I uploaded to Flickr from the weekend.

Oh, funny side note: on the way home I sat next to the guy in 25E, all dressed in black. He had a scripted tattoo on his left hand that caught my eye. I commented on it. He turned it so I could read it.


“I got it after two drinks.”



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