let ’em work :: let ’em live

I’m assuming there is a problem here in Anderson, S.C. if they have to put up a sign like this.


4 Responses to let ’em work :: let ’em live

  1. rob says:

    those are all over the upstate of sc. i never thought anything of it until you pointed it out!

  2. Erik says:

    Terri and I are looking at your blog right now…I’m using yours as a tutorial!

  3. Amy Menge says:

    Those signs always make me a little skeptical. One time I drove down to Atlanta for a convention (from northern Virginia). As far as I could tell all of I-85 through South Carolina was labeled a construction zone — with the obligatory increased fines — and I didn’t see a single construction worker the whole time. And both times I drove that stretch during working hours on a weekday. Come to think of it, I don’t even remember seeing any part of the road that was actually under construction. Now, I am all in favor of construction workers having a safe environment to work in, and I definitely think the law should come down like a ton of bricks on people who drive recklessly or speed when construction workers are actually on the site. But this particular instance just looked like a way for the state of South Carolina to rake in some extra fines.

    It’s still better than Maryland though, where all the construction signs are in rhyme. I kid you not, in RHYME. (We’re taking a stride/To better your ride)

  4. Lindsay says:


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