movie to see: amazing grace

Amazing Grace is the story of John Newton (involved with slave ships before writing the famous hymn) and William Wilberforce working together to abolish slavery in 18th Century Great Britain. A story of profound Christian themes.

This is an incredible movie I had the privilege to see during a sneak preview. (Thanks, Larry, for your connections!)

It makes me wonder if I missed the day in school they taught about Wilberforce…or if they didn’t teach it at all. Oh, they should have. What a story of a changed life…and changed lives. Doing the hard thing when the world, it seems, (sans a cute girl and John Newton, in this case) is against you.

It opens tonight, and is a must-see. Take your friends. Go to coffee afterwards. Mull it all over.


One Response to movie to see: amazing grace

  1. Kerry Jelinek says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been out of it with a sinus infection so I didn’t even know this film was coming out. I’d love to take my International Students to see it. They love to watch movies and discuss them.
    I DO plan to give you a call soon so we can chat and catch up.
    I’m tied up this week with a conference and the birth of my goddaughter any day now.
    How about Sunday evening the 4th? Lemme know.

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