the well-worn path

Criss-crossed sidewalks jetted out in all directions at UNL when I was a student.

As a first-born, fairly obedient girl, I’d follow the pavement to my advertising classes. (Sometimes walking, sometimes biking and sometimes in a full-out sprint if I was running late.)

But then there was that one dirt path.

You know what I’m talking about: The path that everyone walked, voting with their feet that the administration missed a landscaping memo. That they didn’t like their options.

My life bears marks of similar well-worn paths.

The paths I walk, I march down, voting with my heart that God missed a memo; that I don’t like His options. Instead I follow shortcuts that offer empty promises that I can get where I want to go faster. Easier.

But that’s changing. God beckons me to tred on firm ground that He’s prepared for me. To trust Him that He knows where I need to go and how best to get me there.

Oh, it’s hard.

I wish I could just say, “I’ll never go down that again.” But I can’t.

What I can say is, “This is the choice in front of me, Lord. You or the hard dirt path. Remind me that what I really desire is You.”

“And remind me that again in 5 minutes.”


One Response to the well-worn path

  1. Lindsay says:

    Wow, very good!

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