Changed Lives From

934 Indicate a Decision to Trust Christ

On Friday, February 2, Campus Crusade placed a full-page, color advertisement in the USA Today Super Bowl special section as part of the Beyond the Ultimate outreach. 

The ad featured both head coaches and points readers to a special Web site,

Featuring articles and streaming video from players and coaches who share their stories and talk about their faith in Jesus Christ, the Web site has been a tremendous success.

Stats (as of 06.Feb)

  • Total site visits – 176,249
  • Visitors who indicated that they received Christ – 934
  • Visitors who moved on to a followup site – 510
  • Visitors who went to a special e-mail page where they could request more information – 958

How People Found the Site

  • 122,333 – typed “” into their computer
  • 24,294 – in an e-mail they received, they clicked on, which was included in the e-mail
  • 7,536 – typed in a search phrase on Google and clicked on our ads
  • 4,210 – typed in a search phrase on Google, Yahoo, etc. and clicked the link, shown in the search
  • 17,876 – were visiting other Web sites and clicked on a link to

4 Responses to Changed Lives From

  1. […] For more detail on how people found the site, click here. […]

  2. Keith Davy says:

    Thanks, Angie, for the update on Beyond the Ultimate. It’s helpful to see what can be measured, knowing that only eternity will reveal the true impact!

  3. David Hand says:

    That is wonderful news! Angie, is there a place online where we can view the updated site stats for the beyondtheultimate site as well as the google adwords campaign??

  4. angiebring says:

    David, There isn’t a place online to view stats right now. I’m asking if we can get an updated report early next week. Stay tuned!

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