jr./sr. weekend

I had three college women crammed in my Escort tonight. It was glorious. Kind of like my first years with Campus Crusade, working at the U. of Colorado-Boulder. Same car, too. Surreal.

Tonight was the first of three days we have 40 college juniors and seniors in Orlando, schmoozing them (ok, the right answer is “encouraging them to seek the Lord’s direction”) to consider serving with us at headquarters.

They are studying in a variety of fields: journalism (woo hoo!), I.T., business, graphic design, event planning, and more. A highlight – two students I recruited at the Dallas conference are here! Mason and Valerie.

This is a pivotal time in their lives and I’m excited to be a part of it. Please join me in praying for them as they hear from leaders, meet staff members who serve in their area of interest and for our car rides back and forth from their hotel to the office.


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