super bowl ad in USA Today


Here’s something exciting my team has been a part of working on…

On Sunday, February 4, millions of sports enthusiasts around the world will tune in to watch the ultimate game in professional football as Tony Dungy’s Indianapolis Colts face Lovie Smith’s Chicago Bears.

Athletes in Action, the sports ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, has teamed up with both head coaches and several players to create an opportunity for them to use this historic stage to talk about their common faith in Jesus Christ.

Full-Page Newspaper Ad and Web Site

On Friday, February 2, Campus Crusade has placed a full-page advertisement in the USA Today Super Bowl special section. The ad features both head coaches and points readers to a special Web site,

The Web site features articles and streaming video from players and coaches who share their stories and talk about their faith in Jesus Christ. Additional articles and a clear presentation of the gospel create multiple opportunities for site visitors to learn how they can begin a relationship with God and receive God’s love and forgiveness.

A sample of the ad appears on the bottom of this e-mail. You may also view the ad online.

How You Can Participate

  • Encourage everyone you know to visit the Web site
  • Post a copy of the USA Today ad on your church bulletin board
  • Bring a copy of the ad to your Super Bowl party
  • Forward this e-mail to others to let them know about this opportunity
  • Pray for many people to experience God’s love and forgiveness

One Response to super bowl ad in USA Today

  1. Keith Davy says:

    Thanks, Angie. Great ad & great stories!

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