glittery idols

I wish God would fight for my attention.

The world feels like Vegas. Lights. Noises with a base you can feel in your bones. Like a 4-year-old at the swimming pool vying for his mother’s attention. “Watch me! Watch me!”

I’m thinking about this tonight as I read Acts 7 and thinking about idols.

In biblical days, idols were flashy. Usually birthed of gold. Glittery in the sun. Ornate and overdone.

What a contrast to the tabernacle – beautiful and glorious, but called a “tent shrine” here in the Message.

But I shouldn’t be surprised. This seems to be God’s way. He’s not off for show. He doesn’t fight for my attention like a beggar. He beckons me like a Prince. He’s sure of Himself and doesn’t have to play games.

Every day I choose.

Glittery idol: being well-liked, entitlement, being right, harbored sin, position, money



One Response to glittery idols

  1. Lindsay says:

    You said it!

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