If you’re looking for a movie that can motivate you in real life, check out Invincible. Watched it tonight with the roommates.

From the producers of The Rookie, it stars Mark Wahlberg as a 30-year-old Philadelphia Eagles fan. He decides to show up for an open tryout for his favorite NFL team.

A telling moment was between Mark’s character, Vinnie, and his dad. Vinnie’s wife just left him and he lost his teaching job. (Can it get much worse?) He sits on the front steps with his dad, talking about the possibility that he’d try out with the Eagles.

“Don’t do it,” his dad says. “There’s only so much failure a man can take.”

I sucked in my breath. How could he say that? This echos a letter penned by his ex-wife telling him the same thing – that he’ll never make it. (Note to self on how not to encourage a man.)

And Vinnie proves them wrong. Go underdog! Go mis-understood, unknown, down-and-out man!


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