conference’s last day

Today is it. The last day. I think I’m ready to not live out of a suitcase or a borrowed bed anymore. Or use tiny bottles of various, nice-smelling lotions or hair products.

But before that, I’m seizing today. As I wrote that last sentence, the phone rang. Jon called me to let me know he was out of his meeting and still available for lunch.

He’s a senior from San Antonio who’s studying accounting/finance. And he calls me “Miss Angie.” Gotta love recruiting in the south.

Tonight I meet Elyse for dinner. She’s a recent graduate (like December-recent) with a degree, in hand, of graphic design. If tonight works it’ll be the fourth time we’ve rescheduled. But I’m hopeful.

Will you join me in praying for today?

  • lunch with Jon
  • dinner with Elyse
  • for the students as they process what God’s been teaching them – that this wouldn’t simply just be a conference; it’d be the beginning of life-change
  • for students to say yes to Jesus tonight at the last meeting if they aren’t followers of Him yet (many do each year and it’s a highlight for me!)

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