thursday dallas update

Whenever I remember that I’m in Dallas I feel the incredible urge to begin humming da dum da DUM (voice raises here), da dum da da dum dum dum DUM (high voice again) da da dum. Ah, the days of J.R. and Dallas on Friday nights.

Ok, back to the regularly scheduled program.

Dinner last night with the Mason and Jarron went great. Mason is an insulin-pump diabetic, too, so we immediately bonded. Both had great questions about missionary life and using their gifts (and being diabetic on staff with Campus Crusade and the medical benefits).

This morning I had a breakfast appointment with Steve, a sharp, 21-going-on-40, business-minded guy who loves Jesus. He’s on a campus with no full-time staff members and is really taking the lead to get things going among the students. Oh, and he works full-time and goes to school full-time.

After these meetings I’ve had to stop and just thank God. It’s so clear that He’s bringing the students to us. Mason and Jarron came to the luncheon yesterday and Steve signed up at our booth to talk. Thanks for praying. It’s making the world of difference for us here!


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