pizza & students


The bad news: we didn’t run out of pizza.

The good news: we had a great group of 23 students at the luncheon! I was challenged by many of them who, when introducing themselves and saying why they came to the lunch (besides the free food), they said something along the lines of, “I want to keep my options open for after college, realizing that God might have plans for me to use my major in ways I hadn’t planned.”

Please pray for me and two students at dinner time:

  • Tonight I’m taking Mason and Jarron to dinner to woo them, using delicious Tex-Mex as my weapon of choice. Mason is interested in writing for Worldwide Challenge and Jarron is over-the-top about joining us as a computer programmer. I’m pumped!


  • Max, at The Print Place, was a gift from the Lord to me yesterday regarding the booth mayhem. I nabbed keys from a friend and a map from the front desk and prayed that I’d find a place to print out signs for the booth. I ended up in a part of town I didn’t see on the map and, lo and behond, found a sign that said The Print Place. Max with his long blond hair and unrushed help, printed out what I needed. I listed out other errands I needed to run and he whipped out a highlighter and plotted the best route for me. I hopped in the car and found everything at Albertson’s and Office Depot, just as he told me! I laughed along the way, seeing it as from God – a direct answer to your prayers about the booth. It’s assembled and turned out pretty good, considering the circumstances.
  • I ran into a friend from Orlando here at the conference – a friend I didn’t even know was here – and we had dinner together and caught up. A sweet gift from God amidst your prayers for my loneliness. I’m feeling more encouraged.

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