recruiting in dallas

Yes, I saw the sun rise in Dallas this morning from my 16th floor room. (Yes, Mom, I really did. It helps that sunrises are later this time of year.)

I’m here in Dallas at one of 10 country-wide, regional Christmas conferences for college students.

No, I’m not going back to school. I’m here on behalf of our headquarters, along with my new friend Amanda, to recruit.

We’re meeting with students who have an interest in finance, technology, communication and Human Resources (a.k.a. “operations” roles). We’re encouraging them to consider serving the Lord full-time with those talents after graduation.

There are many students who think being a Campus Crusade missionary only means working with college students. Amanda and I are excited to expose them to the options and challenge them to join us!

Prayer requests for today:

  • For safe arrival of the 700+ students who be arriving today from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. (The main session is at 7pm Central time).
  • For our booth assembly. We have a screwdriver…but no screws. Hard to pitch the backdrop without ’em. Pray that we’d be creative with how we MacGuyver (sp?) it…or if we should find a plan b.
  • For us to run out of food at our luncheon tomorrow. Seriously! That will mean that more students come to hear about operations opportunities than the 25 we’re planning for. I’m fast on my feet and can always scurry downstairs to pick up more sandwiches.
  • For new friends for me here as I know all of 3 people and am fighting some loneliness. Kind of like being the new person at a family reunion. 🙂

2 Responses to recruiting in dallas

  1. Amanda Stephens says:

    Hey Ang!
    Thanks for keeping us updated with how your trip is going. I will remember to keep you in my prayers. Looking forward to catching up when you return!
    Miss you Friend,

  2. Jennifer says:

    HI there! This is my first time blog-commenting. What an experience! 🙂 I hope that you are enjoying Texas. I really enjoyed spending time with you and I was just reminded of how positive and faith-filled you are! Love ya,

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