last day in lincoln

God has a sense of humor. Looks like Lincoln might get snow. Tomorrow. As I fly away to 74 degree Orlando. Alas, at least my teeth haven’t chattered obnoxiously like they usually do when I come home for Christmas.

Today was my last day in the Husker state. I spent it:

  • sleeping in until 10:30
  • one hand wrapped around a peppermint patty mocha at a new, quaint coffee shop and the other journaling about Hebrews 10 & 11.
  • embarking upon a maiden-voyage eyebrow(s) waxing. I mention this because I wondered at the wisdom (and humor) of it all as soon as I sat down. I don’t live in Lincoln anymore. I don’t have the intuition of a local. I don’t know the woman. I merely happened upon her because she was on wax duty today. I haven’t seen her work portfolio. And it’s not like a bad wax job would go unnoticed. So I tilted my head back as she poured liquid candle on my face, pressed a piece of cloth on the wax and ripped with the strength known only to pioneer women. All for the sake of beauty. Thank you, Joanna. You waxed eloquently.
  • faux painting my parents’ bathroom. That wallpaper – circa 1986 – didn’t want to go without a fight.
  • falling in love with Willie LaHaye in Love’s Enduring Promise. Who doesn’t love a good Hallmark movie? And when it’s based upon Jeanette Oke’s novels and directed by Michael Landon, Jr., you can’t go wrong. Last weekend at the cabin, we watched the first one in the four-part series, Love Comes Softly. Here’s an idea for the fifth movie’s title: Love Comes Loudly & with Whiplash Speed. I think it’d sell well.

One Response to last day in lincoln

  1. Bec says:

    Hi Angie
    Hope you had a wonderful time in Nebraska. We are in Orlando through Tuesday the 2nd. I heard they were having quite the weather in Nebraska. I sent Chad an email asking how the weather was but haven’t heard back from him. Needless to say I am ready to get back to Nebraska. Not sure I am ready to report on Thursday. Hope you had a safe trip back to Orlando and if you are around on Monday drop me an email. Have a great Sunday! Bec (Chad’s friend from Nebraska)

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