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I’m devouring a novel by staying up entirely too late these days. Make that nights.

This line made me stop and think.

“I don’t know if I can explain it, Rae. All that stuff in the Bible that Jesus said and did – it always ended with Jesus saying, ‘follow Me.’ As if that was the answer to the rest of the questions and decisions and confusion in life.”

For three days I’ve gone back to it, rereading it and comparing it to my own experience. It’s true. I have questions (oh, so many questions) and often Jesus’ response isn’t what I think I want. It’s not an answer, per se. (oh, how I wish it was.) It’s a call to action. To follow Him. To believe Him.

When I’m trusting Him, my questions don’t vanish, but I tend to get perspective. I think I’m starting to realize I’ll have questions no matter what. So the decision before me is do I follow Him amidst them or not?


2 Responses to follow me

  1. caryn says:

    what are you reading?? 🙂

  2. angiebring says:

    It’s called “Before I Wake” by Dee Henderson. She’s one of my favorite fiction authors. You can read the first chapter at

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