eharmony matches gone awry

I have a friend who recently signed on with eharmony.

No, I’m not referring to myself in the classic I-have-a-friend scenerio. I do have a friend in this very-live instance. And she’s very cool, just for the record. So cool I cannot believe this happened to her.

She got matched with a tarot-card reader.

Two thoughts:

  1. Why in the world did Dr. Neil Clark Warren set up a follower of Jesus and a tarot-card reader? I’d say that’s a miss.
  2. If the tarot-card reader is qualified to tell the future, um…why does he need eharmony? Oh, wait. Maybe there’s a new eharmony card in the tarot deck. And he drew it when consulting for himself. It said: “Sign up with eharmony. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.” Oops. There must have been a Monopoly card thrown in there.

One Response to eharmony matches gone awry

  1. LRN says:

    Good points! Hmm, does she have about 140 other matches besides this guy? Do you know of any eharmony successful matches yet?

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