how-to of the day

I love Google. I mean, how can you not? Anyone who is smart enough to know what a google is, like, a million in my book.

One of Google’s best deals yet is to allow me to personalize my google page.

I chose weather for Orlando and places of which I’m a weather voyeur.

I chose top stories.

But my best choice? The “how to” of the day from Wikipedia.

My favorite recently? How to stop a car with no brakes.

Oh, and guys? How to sweep a girl off her feet is worth college credit. Example 2a would so work on many of us. Just don’t tell us where you got the line from. We might laugh.

But then you’d be perfectly set up to use Example 2b.

Look how that worked out.


One Response to how-to of the day

  1. LRN says:

    Whatever! I added “take your keys out of the ignition” for stopping your car. I know that’s what you really have to do because it’s happened to me twice! 🙂

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