life at the crossroads

I often joke that that God didn’t get a copy of my memo.

I had a great plan for what I thought my life would look like…and that at the wise age of 23. I would spend at least four years with Campus Crusade at the University of Colorado – Boulder working with sorority women. That made sense to stay there long enough to watch the freshmen become seniors.

*Smirk* Making sense seems to be the last thing Jesus prioritizes. Rather, He prioritizes being my Hero and asking me to trust Him.

God said move and I cried for three days. It was a death to my plans to leave Boulder.

Orlando has been home for six years now. New life has budded here like light green shoots on an old shrub. I’m living out more of who God made me to be than I’d ever caught whiff of in Colorado. For the first time I’m starting to swim in the ideas and desires He’s given me, knowing my best “memo” pales in comparison to His design for me.

And so at the crossroads of submitting to His good plans for me and my desires, I find life.

Max Lucado says it well:

“When we submit to God’s plans, we can trust our desires. Our assignment is found at the intersection of God’s plan and our pleasures. What do you love to do? What brings you joy? What gives you a sense of satisfaction?

“The longings of your heart, then, are not incidental; they are critical messages. The desires of your heart are not to be ignored; they are to be consulted.”


One Response to life at the crossroads

  1. Chad says:

    “The joys are hidden in a landscape we can’t see.”

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