verbs to change my life…and 10 piles

I face one, two, three, four (still counting…) 10 stacks on my desk. Under one of those piles lays (lies?) – patiently waiting – a copy of Getting Things Done by David Allen.

David, I want to read your book. Really. You look so charming and ready to change my life. But I don’t have time to read much. So I listen to your podcasts. And I read your blog. Loved this blog entry about project verbs. I think these really could help. But not as much as I’d be helped if you would come and be my assistant for about 21 days.

Here’s a taste of the project verbs David suggests: finalize, look into, organize, resolve, submit, implement, update.

And some fab next-action verbs: call, buy, fill out, take, gather, print, review, find.

I’m inspired.


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